Alexander Wang FW ’16

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No contest, Alexander Wang is one of the most recognizable names in modern menswear. His namesake label, along with his ready to wear “T” lines have become synonymous with two things: the color black and sportswear inspired gear for everyday wear. His menswear label is only five years old, but with a plethora of collections under his belt, it was getting easy to predict what you were going to get. Muted tones strewn across hoodies, bombers, and tees. To date, he’s kept it fresh using a range of tech fabrics, including neoprene, which was previously vastly underutilized in menswear.


Last July, Alexander Wang announced that he would be stepping down as creative director at Balenciaga to put more energy into his brand. And that vitality has been duly noted. If you paid attention last season, we got a full dose of top-quality workwear mixed with sportswear that was wearable in the world high-fashion. He has become a master at bringing fabrics not traditionally seen in high fashion menswear to the table.


This season continues his momentum and introduces some uncharacteristic qualities that I’d like to see continue. At the center of the collection are some graphic-heavy offerings with lines like “best high you can buy,” and “keep kids on/off drugs.” Wang balances the collection with an offering of timeless pieces within the mainline and “T,” with his signature use of top-quality materials. The mix of grungy graphics and classic pieces creates a healthy tension within the line that fans of the brand are sure to welcome back.