Flat White x Tom Sachs’ Boombox Retrospective

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Fresh off the plane from his runway show at Paris Fashion Week, Virgil Abloh linked with his cohort Heron Preston for another presentation of Flat White at the Brooklyn Museum. The two provided sounds in the glass entryway of the museum, where Tom Sachs’ Boombox Retrospective 1999-2016 exhibit has been on display since April. For the exhibition, Sachs utilizes plywood, foamcore, batteries, duct tape, wires, hot glue, and solder to create and pay homage to the boombox, one of street culture’s most beloved icons.


The gallery features 18 unique works, where Sachs takes everyday materials and manipulates them into different iterations of themed boomboxes. Each sculpture is functional and plays music to make the gallery a deeply engaging experience. Abloh and Preston immersed themselves directly in the center of the exhibit, essentially becoming a living embodiment of the installation. Abloh and Preston stood alongside some of Sachs’ most iconic works, including Toyan’s (2002), a massive 8’x12′ group of speakers inspired by Jamaican sound systems, and Presidential Vampire Booth (2002), which features a fully stocked bar and Presidential seal. Check out the gallery above for a recap of the event and stay tuned for more info on Virgil’s latest season.