Human Made Spring/Summer ’16

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Tim Coppens Spring/Summer ’16
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Ever since HUMAN MADE’s inception not too long ago, the aesthetic values of vintage Americana have always been integral to the brand’s identity. If we understand BAPE to be Nigo’s parody of the complacency of Japanese adolescence, as well as the masculinity of American hip-hop, then perhaps we ought understand HUMAN MADE in contrast as Nigo’s sincere appreciation for American culture at large.


Some of HUMAN MADE’s best pieces this season are reinterpretations of ubiquitous garments visible on any American college campus. These hoodies and crewnecks feel like sophisticated renderings of the very same collegiate apparel sold in bookstores. The embroidered varsity jackets — formerly reserved as a status symbol for accomplished athletes — are transformed under Nigo’s artistic direction into individual means of expression available to all. Demystification soon follows reinterpretation, and Nigo’s genius stems from his capacity to make something once upon a time so foreign to him truly his own.


This season’s HUMAN MADE collection is available at RSVP Gallery.