RSVP Gallery for Human Made Autumn/Winter ’15

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RSVP Gallery for Stone Island Autumn/Winter ’15
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Nigo revolutionized streetwear in the late ’90s with Japan at its center point, so it is no surprise that the designer would go in the complete opposite direction for Human Made. As a self-proclaimed vintage collector, Nigo references his personal collection of vintage Americana heritage workwear as well as old American advertisements. The vision behind the brand makes for a seamless collaborative capsule collection this season with Coca-Cola because let’s admit it, second to the national flag nothing says America more than Coca-Cola. The collab comes as a commemoration of the Coke bottle’s one-hundred years of existence and includes the vintage iconography on Human Made’s signature aged tees we all know and love. The elusive collab aside, our other Autumn/Winter ’15 arrivals include familiar favorites such as the “Gears for Futuristic Teenagers” slogan and possibly the greatest take on the Hawaiian shirt. To honor this season’s collection, we hit the lanes and took up an American pastime.