RSVP Gallery Q&A Series: Jerry Lorenzo

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Our Q&A Series serves as a way to get into the creative masterminds of the individuals we have the privilege of calling our friends and family. This time around, we sat down one-on-one with Jerry Lorenzo, post our Fear of God x RSVP Pop-up Shop, for a little bit of wisdom and inspiration. In conversation with RSVP staff member Adriana Gaspar, Lorenzo gives us an update on the “Fourth Collection,” insight into the process involving the controversial “Resurrected” vintage rock tees, plus his level of involvement on creative work for Kanye West and vise versa. As always, the questions we ask our episode guest are submitted by you via social media, so click through to see if your question made the cut. Enjoy and répondez s’il vous plaît.

Words and interviewed by Adriana Gaspar

Video filmed by Zach Coffman, Jake Osmun, and Anthony Trevino

Video edited by Jake Osmun