Buying Guide: Do Suit Season Right in Givenchy

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Formal occasions have a way of sneaking up on us. Whether it’s a wedding party, a black tie event, or the upcoming marathon of holiday functions, with a blink of an eye said date arrives and you are left in the cold. Next time, eliminate the pre-function stress and make sure you have the perfect suit (or suits) hanging in your closet and ready-to-go. We’ve enlisted our buyer Lance to give you a quick rundown on how to find that go-to suit.


Leave standard suit colors (grey, navy) for everyday wear and think outside the box when it comes to special events. This season, Givenchy hits the nail on the head with a flashy and modern day interpretation of a 1920’s pinstriped suit.


A contemporary suit should be typically on the slim-fit side with a two-button jacket (the second button is left unbuttoned). Make sure the suit jacket’s shoulders hug your own and do not droop. Like a good lawyer, you always want your suit jacket to cover your behind and also close without strain. In order to show about half an inch of your dress shirt, the jacket sleeves should never go below the base of your thumb. When it comes to pant breaks (how much creasing occurs at the bottom of trousers) it’s all about personal taste–just keep in mind the inverse relationship between length and width.


Suits are typically made longer in order to accommodate for most body types with the assumption they will be taken to a tailor. Find a tailor you trust and build a relationship with them, so they understand what you would consider a perfect/comfortable fit. Keep in mind, a tailor will not be able to adjust a jacket that is too big on the shoulders or pants that are more than an inch too tight or too loose.

Acquiring the perfect special occasion suit requires pre-planning, but once you find ‘the one,’ it will have been well worth your time. If you’re in the area, stop by the shop and try on our selection of suits from Givenchy.