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Fool’s Gold Day Off 2016

Less than 12 hours before A-Trak’s “Fool’s Gold Day Off,” there was no venue and no event. An out of commission helicopter ruled out the 34th Street Heliport, where this year’s festivities were scheduled to occur. Miraculously, his team scrambled and proceeded to secure a location, with less than six hours to spare. The RSVP team got an invite and captured the madness firsthand.


Fans packed the Garden at Studio Square in Queens as A-Trak and friends stormed the stage one after another for seemingly endless high energy sets. Performances by Lil’ Yachty, Juelz Santana, Migos, and A-Trak topped the bill, but a plenty of surprises were in store. Check out the video above and the photos below to get a full peek into this year’s party.

  • IMG_0287
  • IMG_0445
  • 5E6A2573
  • 5E6A2583
  • 5E6A2587
  • 5E6A2609
  • 5E6A2723
  • 5E6A2752
  • 5E6A2788
  • 5E6A2820
  • 5E6A2847
  • 5E6A2868
  • 5E6A2870
  • 5E6A2888
  • 5E6A2899
  • 5E6A2955
  • 5E6A2956
  • 5E6A2969
  • 5E6A2994
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Neon and Nonsense Episode 14: Lollapalooza, Summer 6teen Tour, and more

The Neon and Nonsense team was everywhere from the legendary ‘Summer 6teen’ tour to the 25th anniversary of Lollapalooza in the past week. With no time to idle, we spent a day shooting with AlunaGeorge, an action-packed night with A-Trak, and were witness to Kanye’s surprise performance with Drake and Future. Check out the video episode above for a slew of gems from the past week and the photos below to get a full look into last week’s happenings. Be sure to stay tuned for more, and if in case you missed it, check out Episode 13 at Pitchfork Music Festival.

  • 5E6A4135
  • AB4A2979
  • 5E6A4143
  • 7.31.2016, Sunday Pic 11 (Chance The Rapper at The Metro)
  • 5E6A4244
  • 5E6A3466
  • 5E6A3555
  • 5E6A3674
  • 5E6A4342
  • AB4A2093
  • AB4A2233
  • AB4A2522
  • AB4A2878
  • AB4A3067
  • AB4A3224
  • AB4A3725
  • AB4A3259
  • 7.31.2016, Sunday Pic 22 (Chance The Rapper at The Metro)
  • AB4A3556
  • AB4A3592
  • AB4A3602
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Neon and Nonsense Episode 13

It’s festival season, which means Neon and Nonsense is going to be busy. We kicked off the season with a trip to one of Virgil Abloh’s Flat White happenings, right here in Chicago. His hometown came through and packed the house, draped in Off-White, to show love to the Chicago native. Just three days later, we linked with Schoolboy Q for his Blank Face Pitstop, check out the full recap of that here.


This past weekend provided a plethora of shows and began with a high-energy performance from Madeintyo, Famous Dex, and Ugly God. The energy carried into Pitchfork, which featured a strong cast including Blood Orange, whose newest album Freetown Sound has received outpouring love from fans. Anderson Paak, who made the cut on XXL’s freshman 15, came with insane charisma as the crowd matched him throughout the night. The final day proved legendary, as Jeremih brought out fellow Chicagoan Chance the Rapper for a brief stint. FKA Twigs closed the festival with a legendary performance that was a perfect blending of music and high-performance art. Check out the video above and the photos below for more gems and stay tuned for Neon and Nonsense to come.


  • 5E6A0051
  • 5E6A0054
  • 5E6A0080
  • 5E6A0164
  • 5E6A0198
  • 5E6A0243
  • 5E6A4852
  • 5E6A4286
  • 5E6A4979
  • AB4A0160
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  • AB4A0498
  • AB4A0769
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  • AB4A0873
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  • AB4A1101_1
  • 5E6A4500
  • 5E6A4523
  • 5E6A4442

RSVP Gallery Q&A SERIES: A-Trak

RSVP Gallery presents our new Q&A Series, where we’ll be sitting down one on one with the creative and talented members of our friends and family. All around music guru A-Trak kicks off the video series by answering the questions you sent through on social media. For our debut episode, Easy gets to the bottom of A-Trak’s flan fascination and talks working with Kanye in the past and future, while simultaneously discovering the most creative screen names on social media. Click through to see if your question made the cut for our Q&A Series A-Trak episode. A-Trak enthusiasts, make sure to check out our special edition RSVP Gallery x Fools Gold capsule collection, which naturally includes a turntable mat. Stay tuned for our next Q&A series video… can you guess who will be our next guest?