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RSVP Gallery for Cav Empt Autumn/Winter ’15

  • CE_EDITORIAL_1_0000_IMG_8362
  • CE_EDITORIAL_1_0001_IMG_8361
  • CE_EDITORIAL_0008_IMG_8362
  • CE_EDITORIAL_0009_IMG_8363 copy
  • CE_EDITORIAL_0006_CE_Lookbook (1 of 1)-21
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  • CE_EDITORIAL_0000_IMG_8359 copy 2

Considering we’ve coined the term Neon & Nonsense, it’s no surprise we’re heavily into the nonsensical vision behind Cav Empt. Continuing the ism of the cult Japanese-label, we added a dash of street-scripture to our A/W ’15 collection visuals. Per usual, C.E’s lo-fi graphics and era matching athleticwear silhouettes make an appearance. To keep up with the fashion times, C.E’s interpretation of a rock tee get added to the mix, but it’s the collaboration with Los Angeles-based artist Matt Damhave that steal the show. A vibrant grid made up of unique select pieces of Damhave’s work cover a button-up shirt, casual cotton tees, and a bandana. It’s hard  to not think of an Instagram profile when looking at the graphics, indicating Cav Empt’s Internet references may be catching up to speed.

RSVP Gallery for Cav Empt Spring/Summer ’15

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  • CE_Editorial_0002_CE_3
  • CE_Editorial_0001_CE_2
  • CE_Editorial_0003_CE_4
  • CE_Editorial_0000_CE_1

It’s natural instinct to be attracted to the mysterious, which could explain the appeal behind Cav Empt and its quick ascent to cult status and following. C.E’s ongoing mashup of Sci-Fi references, early Internet imagery, bold lettering and coloring are ambiguous in their own right, all while paving a new lane in both streetwear and design aesthetic. Above we present our newest arrivals of the season from the Japanese label with a cryptic vision of our own.

By Zach Coffman and Jake Osmun

Words by Adriana Gaspar