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Q+A with Louis De Guzman



The “Falling Through” cushion is your second in-house release in the realm of home goods. Talk a little bit about how you got inspired to design these items.

With my love and appreciation for visual art + design, one thing I’ve always gravitated towards is the practice and experimentation of applying my mixed media methods onto everyday objects. Whether that’d be a tea set, a functional tote bag, a blanket or in this instance, a pillow. It’s always been on the agenda to translate personal experiences through form and function. To always push and elevate the offering from personal narrative to mutual connection through from the viewer’s perspective.

LOUIS_PILLOW_0000_Curves 1

What went into the decision behind choosing “Falling Through,” which was a painting initially, and turning it into the cushion? Were there any other pieces you considered?

It was honestly the composition and shape that really resonated organically with the team and I. After going through the body of work from the “In Between The Lines” collection, it naturally came together in deciding that “Falling Through” was the one to apply towards this everyday household + studio object.




This is another use of your signature color palette. Can you go into detail about the development process behind your color palette and how you decide to incorporate it differently into each of your pieces?

First and foremost, great question! The 4 paint pantones within the body of work has always been something that resonated with me from the very beginning. Color tones and specific hues that really caught my eye at different points in my life that I naturally honed in and started to spread across the work in which I felt brought out the fine line details and compositions even more. I’d say that it had to do a lot with how these specific tones affected my mood and continued to make me feel when creating the work. All good vibes all around.

Does your process change at all when you’re designing lifestyle items compared to art or clothing?

With my background in both art + design, I’ve learned to hone in my process as far as experimentation goes when applying visual to physical over the years. So I’d say the process doesn’t necessarily change, but more so always learning something new as we go. “Forever a student” mindset is how I’d like to describe it when creating in general.




Do you have anything you can share regarding upcoming projects that we can look forward to? Any plans to release more lifestyle items soon?

There are definitely some exciting projects that the team and I are amped for. Certain ones in the pipeline that I can’t speak on now, but will say to get ready and be excited! Haha. Just humbled by the love and support always towards the work and happy that we can create to share these experiences with everyone at the end of the day. Definitely more home goods in the near future. It’ll be an ongoing thing for sure as the body of work continues to build up.




The “Falling Through” cushion is available for purchase on our website now at the link below.