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Staff Picks: Lance Jackson

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We sat down to talk with our own Lance Jackson, who is a buyer and store manager at RSVP Gallery. Jackson gives a look into some of his favorite pieces at the Gallery this season as well as some insight into how he decides what makes it into his personal wardrobe. Check out the photos above, the and interview below for the full scope of Lance’s favorite Fall/Winter 2016 items.


Question: We are always surrounded by new clothes, shoes, etc. all the time, you especially being someone on the buying end, how do you sift through all of it and decide what makes it into your closet?
Lance: At this point in my life, I have most of my essentials down pact. Now I’m usually shopping for one of two reasons. Either to find a better more cohesive replacement for a piece I already own or to add a missing link to my wardrobe. But, unfortunately, I have a problem with finding something I like and wearing it into the ground until I find the next piece to obsess over. It doesn’t make for good shopping habits.


Question: Obviously, we all buy some hype pieces, pieces that have a short shelf life, what makes something timeless? Can you tell when you see it, and when you decide to make the purchase, or does that come later?
Lance: I mean it all depends; Sometimes I see something, and I may choose to pass only to regret the decision later. Sometimes I buy pieces thinking I’ll wear them forever only to give them to my younger brother after a season. I try first to look at the style and silhouette. If it’s not dated and I know it’s a piece that can fit into my wardrobe on several levels (if I’m feeling sporty, if I want to dress it up a bit, or if I’m just running errands) then it usually makes the cut. Some examples are the Ready Made Jesse jacket and 3.1 Philip souvenir jacket. I know that neither of these jackets will go out of style. Even though souvenir jackets are very much in vogue right now, a good jacket is still a good jacket whether or not it’s the must-have piece of the season.


Question: A lot of the time you have to be able to buy “into the future” to a degree. How do you predict or get a sense of what is going to grab people’s attention?

Lance: For me, it’s not so much about catching people’s attention so much as it setting myself apart from everyone else. The main ways I like to separate myself are by buying pieces that are hard to find like this By Walid silk embroidered jacket I recently purchased. Or also by not being afraid to experiment with brands that may not be in at the moment. I remember doing some internet shopping fall of 2012 and coming across a brand by the name of Gosha Rubchinskiy. I had no idea what it was or the story behind it. What I did know was that I liked the design and knew nobody else in Chicago was wearing it, so I copped a hoodie. Fast forward four years, and it’s everywhere. Not saying I was the first person to wear Gosha. But having those older pieces can set you apart from the rest when nowadays the norm is for everyone to wear the same five brands. (Disclaimer: My girlfriend has yet to give me that Gosha hoodie back.)


Check out Lance’s picks below:


Just Don Shorts: I really like what Don did with these. It’s an actual Mitchell & Ness short, but he added some details: Metal on the strings, the zipper pockets in the back, and pockets on the side. It’s just really a quality basketball short. It’s really a luxury short, and it can fit into your wardrobe easily. I wore these pretty much all summer.

Readymade Jesse Jacket: I really like what this brand does. They re-use fabrics from US Military duffle bags, and they make something totally different and new. I like how every jacket is unique; it’s got its own patinas and different style. Insulation that you can take out if you want to, so it’s versatile. You can wear it in the fall, you can wear it in the winter, it’s just a really nice jacket to add to your wardrobe.


Off-White Moto Jacket: This season I really liked it because he [Virgil Abloh] did the actual sewn on stripes, rather than just having them painted. It gives it a little-added texture with the zip tags and the weathered leather. It’s really going to age well, and it’s really going to be a cool piece over the years, it’s timeless.


OAMC Logo Crewneck: I just like the brand a lot. I think this is simple, yet versatile. You can easily add this into a wardrobe. Navy blue and white, colors are neutral, and it just feels cool, and the shape is nice. I really like what they are doing now; they have a lot of cool stuff. And the brand actually stands for something. Every season they donate a portion of the proceeds to charity. I really believe that it’s clothing with a purpose. I definitely appreciate what they are bringing to fashion and streetwear.


Longjourney Champion Crewneck: Sort of like Readymade, they have this whole process of taking older things, and changing them and making it brand new. With this, they took a champion crewneck, some more fabrics, and made it into something totally new. Very cool, I like what they do; it’s just something different.

You can shop Lance’s picks in store and online at RSVP Gallery. For more information or to place an order email please@rsvpgallery.com or call (773) 770-6666.

Sneaker Shopping With Don C.

Don C, the man behind the luxury sportswear label Just Don, made his name through his line of python-brimmed hats, the success of which has provided him the opportunity for collaboration with Jordan Brand on multiple sneakers. The latest project connecting Don C and Jordan Brand is the Don C x Air Jordan 2 “Beach”, set to launch as a package bundled with a Just Don cap. To find out what Don has been up to, we caught up with him for another episode of Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma. Don and Joe connected at RIF in Los Angeles to discuss their personal favorites, reminisce about the M.J.’s glory days, and consider the impact of signature sneakers on today’s youth. Watch the episode above and get ready for the latest Just Don x Air Jordans to release on January 30. Via Complex

Neon & Nonsense: Episode 3

“Work hard, play hard” would best describe a day at the office at the RSVP Gallery headquarters. Take a look for yourself as our Neon & Nonsense video series continues with Episode 3. This time around, we made our way to Drake and Future’s “Jungle Tour,” Sneaker Con to support Don C. at the “Sneaker Legend” booth,  A-Trak’s “Gold Gone Wild” with Aarab Musik, plus behind the scenes footage from our Fear of God pop-up and a sneak peek at what’s next from OFF—White. Hit play above for a glimpse at everything we’ve gotten into the last few weeks and if you haven’t already, check out Neon & Nonsense Episode 1 and 2. Enjoy and répondez s’il vous plaît.

Video by Zach Coffman, Jake Osmun, Anthony Trevino

Sneaker Con Chicago 2015

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Sneaker Con made a grand return to Chicago last weekend as they set up shop in one of the city’s biggest convention centers. Even with the venue’s size, the event saw a continuous sea of people packed together buying, selling, and generally admiring one rare pair or the other. The folks over at Sneaker Con brought “Sneaker Legends” Jordan 3 Doernbecher designer Cole Johanson and Just★Don Jordan 2 designer (our very own) Don C. Despite the limited availability of the Jordan x Just★Don shoe, Don C. was able to sign a number his shoes throughout the day. The event has self-proclaimed themselves as “the greatest sneaker show on earth” and while boastful our recap proves they might be right.

Photography by Jake Osmun and Anthony Trevino

Words by Adriana Gaspar

JUST★DON® for RSVP Gallery

In Egyptian history, the snake occupied a primary role with the Nile cobra adorning the crown of the pharaoh. In current history, a Just Don hat occupies a primary role in culture providing the perfect reinvention of the Mitchell & Ness cap by adding an edgy element: snakeskin.