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Gucci Mane at UIC Pavilion

Gucci Mane made his first trip to Chicago since being released from prison in June. Riding the momentum from a slew of releases with the likes of Kanye West, Drake, Rae Sremmurd, as well as his latest album, it appears Guwop has not missed a beat. Fans packed the sold out UIC Pavilion in Chicago to catch Gucci live, as he has only performed live a handful of times since his release. Gucci Mane dropped over an hours worth of tracks from his early singles to the Trap God mixtapes and his newest album. La Flare is a favorite at RSVP Gallery, so we made sure to be front row for the performance. Check out the video above and the photos below for a full recap.

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RSVP Travels: Gucci Museo

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If you are the least bit plugged into pop-culture, you know that Gucci’s staying power is at full capacity. The brand is coming off of one its most sought-after collections, and you are bound to hear the name dropped in a slew of songs. But outside the eye of pop-culture, the brand has a stood in the top-tier of fashion houses for nearly a century. It’s only right that the legendary label has its own three-story, 1,700 square foot museum in the heart of Florence Italy.


The house’s creator, Guccio Gucci, started as a curator of fine leather goods and luggage in the early 1920’s. He aimed to embody the “refined aesthetic of English nobility,” he observed while working in London and combine it with the skills and sensibility that the craftsman in his native Florence had to offer. He did just that, gaining international notoriety, as the store became a hotspot for locals and travelers alike. As years passed, the reputation of the house grew exponentially. The shoulder bag, know today as the “Jackie O.” was carried infamously by Jackie Kennedy. The 60’s proved to be a crucial time in the history of the brand, as it was also the time the interlocking “G” pattern was adopted.


In 1981, Gucci held its first runway show and moved on from the realm of luggage and leather goods and into the stratosphere. With legendary creative directors like Tom Ford, they began to adopt a more daring take on their traditional designs, with a variety of prints, while maintaining their reputation for high-quality goods. That tradition continues to be pushed forward today as the brand has seen a resurgence through pop-culture icons donning highly-coveted pieces on a regular basis.


The RSVP Gallery team got a chance to visit the museum in Florence and brush up on our knowledge of the storied Italian brand. Check out the photos above for an in-depth look at the museum and some historical pieces that held within.


source: guccimuseo.com

Neon and Nonsense: Episode 11

Neon and Nonsense has been busy. For the 11th installment, we traveled to Florence, Italy, Tampa, Los Angeles, and the rainforest. Right at home in Chicago we were blessed with the presence of Young Thug and Lil Yachty, along with the rest of their associates at RSVP Gallery. In Italy, we headed to the legendary Pitti Uomo showcase to get an inside look at the newest collections from Raf Simons and Gosha Rubchinskiy. In LA we took to Tyler, the Creator’s extravagant Golf fashion show. While down in Tampa, we partied with YesJulz, as she brought out Robb Bank$ and Playboi Carti to join the festivities.


Watch the episode above for a full dose of the Nonsense™ and stay tuned for more rare footage. If you haven’t already, check out episode 10 when we tackled Tokyo.