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Feature: Military Style

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Military garment design has been influencing fashion at an increasing rate over the years. Classic renditions of flight suits, MA-1 Jackets, and bombers from early Raf Simons and Maison Margiela collections are some of the most sought after pieces to date. In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, designers continue to push boundaries and offer up new renditions of classic military pieces.


Many are doing this in a literal sense, as brands are taking vintage military garments, repurposing, and rebranding them to be “new.” Others are only pulling inspiration from the silhouettes, and modernizing them with slim fits, prints, and different fabrics. Readymade has done a bit of both; they take old military canvas from duffel bags, tents, etc., and repurpose them into new flight jackets, bombers, overnight bags, and novelty items.


The inspiration is unsurprising, as the military plays a significant role in the contemporary era. OAMC realized this in their latest collection and decided to juxtapose the narrative of their collection with the violent history of the military. Replacing bombs with olive branches, a symbol of peace, and incorporating doves into their designs, they attempt to soften the harsh realities that come with militaristic endeavors.


We picked out our favorite military-inspired pieces in the shop to display in our latest feature. All of the items are available in store or online at RSVP Gallery. Check out the gallery above to see what we have in store. If you have any questions or want to place an order email please@rsvpgallery.com or call (773) 770-6666.


Human Made FW ’16

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Nigo is the undoubtedly one of the forefathers of streetwear. He left Bape over two years ago to focus on other ventures, and the brand is still thriving today. One of his most notable projects to date is his new label Human Made. It is a unique situation; Nigo, native to Japan, has created a line centered around Americana graphics and motifs.


While Bape was more true to streetwear’s rugged reputation, his new line’s offerings propose an antithesis to the common aesthetic. Still irrevocably cool, Nigo injects his 50’s era adoration into Human Made’s graphics with whimsical illustrations. This season is marked with signature style graphics and highlighted by Nigo’s take on the classic striped tee.


The collection is available in store and online at RSVP Gallery. For more information or to place an order email please@rsvpgallery.com or call (773) 770-6666.

Feature: In The Case

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If you have ever stopped by the Gallery, you’ve inevitably peeped into the glass case. Always filled with accessories, toys, and other necessities, we like to keep a constant rotation of essential goods on display. For this series, we head to the case and highlight the most coveted items available right now.


Just Don Keychain: By now, it’s well known that Don C. only uses the highest quality materials. He continues here with premium python leather and lambskin with logo embossed gold hardware.


Human Made Mug Set: Nigo enjoys his coffee; he opened his own café in 2014 and Human Made’s web store is titled ‘COLDCOFFEE.’ It only made sense that he collaborated with Pacific Furniture Service to created these stackable mugs.


RSVP Gallery Pin Set: Small enamel pins donning our debossed logo. An essential for anyone’s collection.


Alexander Wang Zip Wallet: A lowkey piece in premium bovine leather with Wang’s signature styling. Features two cardholders on the exterior, zip pouch, and rhodium stud details.


Bape Phone Case: Bape’s formula is tried and true. Simple clear plastic shell case with signature branding. Enough said.


APC & Robert Geller Bracelets: Wristwear goes beyond a nice watch. If you can’t quite afford the gold Rolly, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the luxury of nice accessories. APC and Robert Geller are known for their quality and there are no exceptions in these bracelets.


Gold Bape Belt: Recently featured in our Staff Picks series, this belt pays homage to the golden era of the brand.


mastermind Japan x Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses: This collaboration only makes sense; Oakley and mastermind Japan are known for their unrivaled quality. These shades come correct with mirrored lenses and mastermind Japan’s signature skull and crossbones details on the lenses and arms.


Bape x Medicom Metallic Gold Bearbrick: This year, Bape celebrated their 23rd anniversary. Few streetwear brands have experienced that type of longevity, and even fewer have come close to their success. To celebrate, they released this Bearbrick, which features the Ape Head logo on the front and the number 23 on the back.


RSVP Gallery Lighter: NOT FOR DRUGS.


Many of these items are available in-store or by phone order only. For more information email please@rsvpgallery.com or call (773) 770-6666.

Human Made Spring/Summer ’16

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Ever since HUMAN MADE’s inception not too long ago, the aesthetic values of vintage Americana have always been integral to the brand’s identity. If we understand BAPE to be Nigo’s parody of the complacency of Japanese adolescence, as well as the masculinity of American hip-hop, then perhaps we ought understand HUMAN MADE in contrast as Nigo’s sincere appreciation for American culture at large.


Some of HUMAN MADE’s best pieces this season are reinterpretations of ubiquitous garments visible on any American college campus. These hoodies and crewnecks feel like sophisticated renderings of the very same collegiate apparel sold in bookstores. The embroidered varsity jackets — formerly reserved as a status symbol for accomplished athletes — are transformed under Nigo’s artistic direction into individual means of expression available to all. Demystification soon follows reinterpretation, and Nigo’s genius stems from his capacity to make something once upon a time so foreign to him truly his own.


This season’s HUMAN MADE collection is available at RSVP Gallery.

RSVP Gallery for Human Made Autumn/Winter ’15

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Nigo revolutionized streetwear in the late ’90s with Japan at its center point, so it is no surprise that the designer would go in the complete opposite direction for Human Made. As a self-proclaimed vintage collector, Nigo references his personal collection of vintage Americana heritage workwear as well as old American advertisements. The vision behind the brand makes for a seamless collaborative capsule collection this season with Coca-Cola because let’s admit it, second to the national flag nothing says America more than Coca-Cola. The collab comes as a commemoration of the Coke bottle’s one-hundred years of existence and includes the vintage iconography on Human Made’s signature aged tees we all know and love. The elusive collab aside, our other Autumn/Winter ’15 arrivals include familiar favorites such as the “Gears for Futuristic Teenagers” slogan and possibly the greatest take on the Hawaiian shirt. To honor this season’s collection, we hit the lanes and took up an American pastime.


RSVP Gallery for Human Made S/S ’15

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  • Human Made SS 15

Although far from basic, the graphic tee has become a closet staple in its own right. While there is no shortage of options, Human Made’s vintage-Americana inspired aesthetic stands out from the pack. For this new season’s collection of slubbed cotton tees, we enlisted New York creatives Dozi Kanu and Matt Miggz to capture the brand’s heritage and futuristic spirit.

Creative Direction by Dozi Kanu
Photography by Matt Miggz