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“Instant Calm” Undercover by Jun Takahashi FW ’16

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Jun Takahashi does not stand for only making clothes. When he puts out a collection, he wants them to have a voice. In an interview with Business of Fashion, he said “Clothes have meaning. Otherwise, it’s just cocktail dresses and bags — and that’s not interesting.” For 26 years, Takahashi’s brand has stayed true to this modus operandi.


Undercover, which he started with a friend in 1990 while still in school at Bunka Fashion College, has been at the forefront of luxury streetwear before luxury streetwear even existed. Takahashi created a lane for brands like Mastermind, which came in ‘97, and even newer brands like Off-White. He wanted to make fashion more accessible, so his offerings have always been youthful to some degree. Profoundly influenced by punk culture, Takahashi told Business of Fashion that he was always interested in rebellion and he “decided to make clothes that are not merely beautiful; I wanted to interpret culture into fashion.”


If you go into his archived collections, you will see a balance of eclectic and graphics and expertly tailored pants, suits, and jackets. He is deliberate in doing so and has expressed this literally in his newest collection, which bears the title “Instant Calm.” Shoes and jackets with “Chaos” and “Balance” printed on them come alongside shirts and coats with Belgian artist Michael Borremans’ artwork on them. The juxtaposition occurs against tailored shirts, pants, suit jackets, and overcoats in muted tones.


Undercover is now available in store at RSVP Gallery. For more information or to place an order email please@rsvpgallery.com or call 773-770-6666.