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Rit Dye x RSVP Gallery DIY Shibori Dye Kit


We are excited to introduce the Rit Dye x RSVP Gallery DIY Shibori Dye Kit. The collaboration between Rit Dye and RSVP Gallery features custom neon color formulas inspired by our neon signs.


The kit includes an indigo dye, an RSVP white puff print on white tee shirt and an embroidered Lil Pal drawstring bag for you to dye. Additional colors are sold separately.


Please enjoy these short “how-to” videos highlighting four of our favorite Shibori-dye techniques:


itajime: I-ta-ji-may 


Itajime shibori is a shape-resist technique that uses positive and negative space to create endless design possibilities. Blocks are used to create pressure to prevent dye from penetrating the fabric. It’s most often used with a pleated accordion fold to create a grid pattern.




Kanoko shibori involves tying the fabric in sections to create resist patterns. Using different folds, binding techniques and tension can yield different patterns with endless possibilities.




Arashi shibori is known as the pole-wrapping technique. Fabric is wrapped around the pole, tightly bound, and then scrunch towards one end. Named after the Japanese word for storm, Arashi shibori creates diagonal stripes that are reminiscent of storm-driven rain.




Kumo shibori creates circular designs by pinching and binding fabric into sections. Continuing to bind the remainder of pinched fabric in a crisscross pattern will result in spiderweb-like patterns.