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Fool’s Gold Day Off 2016

Less than 12 hours before A-Trak’s “Fool’s Gold Day Off,” there was no venue and no event. An out of commission helicopter ruled out the 34th Street Heliport, where this year’s festivities were scheduled to occur. Miraculously, his team scrambled and proceeded to secure a location, with less than six hours to spare. The RSVP team got an invite and captured the madness firsthand.


Fans packed the Garden at Studio Square in Queens as A-Trak and friends stormed the stage one after another for seemingly endless high energy sets. Performances by Lil’ Yachty, Juelz Santana, Migos, and A-Trak topped the bill, but a plenty of surprises were in store. Check out the video above and the photos below to get a full peek into this year’s party.

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  • IMG_0445
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