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LIFE: Stone Island F/W ’16

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Recent collaborations with Supreme and NikeLab, along with cosigns from artists and musicians have brought Stone Island to the forefront. Despite the label’s recent success and step into the scope of popular culture, Stone Island has been quietly crafting for 34 years and counting. Massimo Osti’s innovative sportswear brand has been perfecting every aspect of its garments, whether it be through fabrics, fibers, or the dye used to give the clothes their discernible appearance.


The brand stands upon two pillars: LAB and LIFE. According to their philosophy, LAB is the endless examination and exploration into the metamorphosis and enrichment of fibers and fabrics. This dedication to constant advancement has led the brand to the forefront of new production and dying techniques that have been previously unutilized in the clothing industry.


LIFE. “The lived experience, the identity, the perceived status of anyone who wears Stone Island.” Stone Island has deep roots in subculture, and the aesthetic emulates that of military uniforms and workwear. Each garment is a testament to their modus operandi, providing the utmost functionality to the wearer, without sacrificing the labels refined style.


Check out the photos above and the video above, as our team attempts to emulate LIFE, one of Stone Island’s “two souls.” The collection is available in store and online at RSVP Gallery. For questions or to place an order, email [email protected] or cal (773) 770-6666.

OAMC Spring/Summer ’16 Lookbook

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For 2016, Founders Luke Meier and Arnaud Faeh have fused elegant and innovative construction with strong motifs that trace across every product. Utilizing textures from brick, tile, sharp edges, animal prints, paint brush strokes and high-contrast color, OAMC continues to exercise their practice of deep consideration for every piece.


OAMC Spring/Summer 2016 Collection is now available in-store and online at RSVP Gallery.


Haider Ackermann Spring/Summer ’16 Lookbook

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For Spring Summer 2016, RSVP Gallery is excited to welcome the arrival of Haider Ackermann. As perhaps one of the virtuoso designers of his generation, the Colombian-born, Antwerp-educated Haider Ackermann has proven himself in the industry as one of the best out there, amassing praises from critics and fellow designers alike. At a first glance, it’s easy to be fooled by the simple forms of the collection. But these pieces aren’t your typical stagnant ‘elevated’ basics that have become so omnipresent in streetwear today. For Ackermann, the idea is to innovate and not elevate: with his masterful tailoring and unique layering, Ackermann pushes the boundaries of traditional silhouettes, blurring the fine line between the casual and the formal.


For a refreshingly casual style that maintains its luxury, shop the Haider Ackermann SS’16 collection today.


ACNE Studios Lookbook

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Again and again, critics have declared the death of minimalism as a fashion trend; yet, season after season, Acne Studios continues to prove the naysayers wrong. Perhaps it’s Jonny Johansson’s fascination with architecture that motivates the utilitarian essence of his label, or maybe it’s nothing more than an innate Scandinavian obsession with functional design (think IKEA and Bang & Olufsen). In any case, regardless of what drives Acne behind the scenes, the label finds success returning to its minimalistic roots time after time — and this season is no different.

Spring Summer ’16 once again looks to the streets to rework what everybody is already wearing. Sweatpants, crewnecks, button downs and bomber jackets — the list goes on. The brand’s naming scheme is symbolic of its philosophy. Calling Oxford shirts ‘Isherwood’ and t-shirts ‘Chelsea’, Acne’s strength lies in its ability to transform what is ubiquitously in everyone’s closets into something both fun and unique. The clothes themselves look, as always, clean and light. There is nothing extra — nothing unnecessary: Acne trims the excess and in doing so miraculously makes it better. I suppose it’s just the Scandinavian way.

Acne Studios SS16 is now available at RSVP Gallery.

Stone Island Lookbook

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Throughout its rich history, a focus on garment material and an interest in fabric processing have always been at the heart of Stone Island’s design process. This season is no different. Combining the traditional with the technical, Stone Island continues to revolutionize the field of high-performance streetwear.

Do not think of Spring/Summer’s lightweight pieces as being in any way lesser than the cold-weather designs Stone Island has become so renowned for since its inception. Despite being created for the milder weather, the pieces themselves are the consequences of the same arduous design process and craftsmanship characteristic of the label. Embodying all things Stone Island, the lightweight pieces continue the story in a way that remains refreshing. This season’s grey overshirt is once again a synthesis of what the label does best: both utilitarian and stylish, the piece joins a traditional silhouette with a technical lightweight shell guaranteed to repel the elements. Of course, in alignment with the past, the brand’s trademark military undertone remains pervasive throughout this collection. Adorned with the legendary Stone Island patch, the pieces, as always, feel like infantry uniforms. But after so many seasons of churning out well-designed field-tested quality elements, we already know that they are so much more than pieces picked out of an army surplus store.

Stone Island SS16 is now available at RSVP Gallery.

RSVP Lookbook: New BAPE Arrivals

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A conversation starter wherever it goes? We’d say so. In its twenty years plus of existence, BAPE’s signature graphics have become an international signifier for knowing what’s up. So, leave it to us to have you outfitted in the iconic camo, as always found on a myriad of silhouettes and colors. This season’s options include jackets, mesh jerseys, pique polos, and more all ideal for casual hangouts à la Mark, Zach, and Justin pictured above.

BAPE products are available in-store, via + 1 773-770-6666 or [email protected]

RSVP Gallery for 3.1 Phillip Lim Spring/Summer ’15

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“People got street cred from having the best jacket, the best pair of khakis, the best Adidas,” says Phillip Lim in reference to the defiant youth of his Orange County upbringing. It’s these street nuances that designer Phillip Lim borrows from for his S/S ’15 collection, combining them with elements of scholastic polish. The clothing symbiosis results in a dynamic collection of informal but polished silhouettes with quality details. Tailored trousers crafted from a neoprene-esque stretch knit are accented with silk trims, a recurring paintbrush print brings maximum impact to slim tops, and shorts are reinterpreted like never before with drop panels.


Photography by Anthony Trevino
Modeled by Phil Collins