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Jordan ‘Pinnacle’ Collection

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Michael Jordan’s empire has expanded vastly since its beginnings in 1984. From the original Jordan 1 to now, Jordan Brand has grown into a complete lifestyle brand. While offering shoes for multiple sports and off the court, the expansion has led Jordan into the realm of fashion.


The ‘Pinnacle’ collection comes full force on the 25th anniversary of Jordan’s first NBA Title in 1991. The main release arrives in the form of a metallic gold Jordan VI, modeled after the NBA’s Larry O’Brien championship trophy and the famed “Security” jacket. The jacket is inspired by those seen in the iconic photo of Jordan exiting his Ferrari before Game 5 of the 1992 Conference Semifinals. The jackets were worn by MJ’s private security outfit, and have been repurposed for the new collection.


Rounding out the new line is a black, tonal warm-up shirt and short sleeve “1991” hoodie. These select pieces will be available Saturday, October 22, 2016, in store at RSVP Gallery. For more information email please@rsvpgallery.com or call (773) 770-666.

Michael Jordan 30th Anniversary Retrospective “Open Air”

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“The idea came out of my head about a year ago. In Paris, there was an outdoor exhibit in 1990 (or) 1991. That’s the first time I had ever seen photography displayed so the masses could see it… I started thinking of Michael (Jordan) and the joy he brought here (to Chicago).” Walter Iooss, the award-winning photographer behind the lens of some of Jordan’s most recognizable images, aims to bring that joy back to the city. In celebration of Jordan’s rookie season’s 30th anniversary Iooss set up “Open Air,” a free outdoor exhibition overlooking the city. Iooss first photographed Jordan in 1987 before Jordan’s first NBA Championship. For twelve years after, Iooss followed Jordan around like a detective, pointing out that “it was almost impossible to take a bad picture of him.” As for Iooss’ work, Jordan once commented “he’s quick and he’s good.” Both reviews are apparent in the thirty on and off the court Jordan photographs showcased in “Open Air.”

Walter Iooss “Open Air” photo exhibit runs until July 31, 2015 and is located outside of the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois.

By Adriana Gaspar