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Raf Simons Spring/Summer 19 Editorial

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Raf Simons’ latest collection was shown in a BDSM-laden warehouse on the outskirts of Paris. His mission was simple: Bring couture grade tailoring and fabric to menswear. After the show, Simons was quoted saying ““We need it! We need a new outline. I know I was part of it myself, but too many hoodies with prints! You know, something needs to shift.”


References to New Wave and Punk culture shone through, with bright pops of color juxtaposed with punk-inspired graphics and details; each of which is subtle and suggestive. As you observe the collection, you can see a bevy of piercings, safety pins, and fetish gear.


Shop the full collection online and in-store in Chicago & LA at RSVP Gallery.

Raf Simons Fall/Winter 2018 Editorial

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Raf Simons Fall/Winter 2018 Editorial by RSVP Gallery. Simons reflects the 90s underground fashion and music subcultures of Antwerp with bold colors and deconstruction of classic pieces. The full collection is available online and in-store now, with exclusive items in LA & Chicago.

Fall/Winter 2018 Outerwear Editorial

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September rolls in once again, reminding us of the colder weather to come. We headed to the plains for our Fall/Winter 2018 Outerwear editorial, featuring coats from Sacai, OAMC, Off-White, and Reese Cooper. Gear up for the months ahead in outerwear from RSVP Gallery.
Tackle the harshest winter with Sacai’s ultra warm pieces. The Combo Fabrics Blouson, woven from pure wool, is a layered blouson featuring colored quilted panels at the front and an interior lining throughout the jacket. The Wool Check Coat features a half zipper closure, faux-fur collar, and plaid pattern. The coat incorporates an oversized fit, ensuring maximum levels of warmth.
If you’re looking for more plaid options this season, look no further than the Reese Cooper Plaid Wool Anorak and the OAMC Woven Cage Coat. The Reese Cooper piece features a drawstring hem, gunmetal-colored hardware, and Italian zippers from legendary manufacturer Raccagni. The OAMC coat features a removable shearling tag at the collar and welt pockets at the front to complement the straight fit tailored mid-length piece.
Cold times are ahead. Prepare accordingly with outerwear pieces from RSVP Gallery, available online and in-store.

Feature: Military Style

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Military garment design has been influencing fashion at an increasing rate over the years. Classic renditions of flight suits, MA-1 Jackets, and bombers from early Raf Simons and Maison Margiela collections are some of the most sought after pieces to date. In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, designers continue to push boundaries and offer up new renditions of classic military pieces.


Many are doing this in a literal sense, as brands are taking vintage military garments, repurposing, and rebranding them to be “new.” Others are only pulling inspiration from the silhouettes, and modernizing them with slim fits, prints, and different fabrics. Readymade has done a bit of both; they take old military canvas from duffel bags, tents, etc., and repurpose them into new flight jackets, bombers, overnight bags, and novelty items.


The inspiration is unsurprising, as the military plays a significant role in the contemporary era. OAMC realized this in their latest collection and decided to juxtapose the narrative of their collection with the violent history of the military. Replacing bombs with olive branches, a symbol of peace, and incorporating doves into their designs, they attempt to soften the harsh realities that come with militaristic endeavors.


We picked out our favorite military-inspired pieces in the shop to display in our latest feature. All of the items are available in store or online at RSVP Gallery. Check out the gallery above to see what we have in store. If you have any questions or want to place an order email [email protected] or call (773) 770-6666.


RM 121: Raf Simons FW ’16

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If you were to look at a retrospective of Raf Simons’ collections in the past 20 years, you would think that he has one of the most mercurial temperaments conceivable. Compared to someone like Rick Owens, whose collections often bare the same muted tones and draped silhouette’s, Raf’s vision seems disjointed. But so is youth subculture.


Simons has been at the forefront of rebellion in fashion for over two decades. His collections are distinctively moody and resonate on a continuous cycle, parallel with youth culture. Nearly all of Simons’ offerings are worthy of grail status and those able to procure the rarest pieces fall into the realm of guys like Kanye West. With stints at legendary houses like Jil Sander and Dior, Raf has carved his name into history.


After leaving Dior, Simons’ level of energy for his namesake brand has been noticeably higher. The newest season keeps the expected level of quality craftsmanship and introduces an interesting narrative on the overly oversized trend. Taking notes from traditional English-prep and scout styles, Raf spins sweaters and coats with elongated, billowy silhouettes and contrasts them with slim destroyed sweaters and classic button-ups. Signature jeans, denim shirts, and shoes round out the collection and make it one of his most memorable to date.


Check out the photos above for a full look into the newest season and the video below for an eerie look into Room 121. This collection is available in-store at RSVP Gallery. For more information email [email protected] or call (773) 770-6666.