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Untitled-2 copyFor Hispanic Heritage Month, RSVP Gallery has partnered with Chicago visual artist Runsy, to bring attention to ESDC’s Food for Hope, a Chicago-based non-profit organization providing vital resources to families throughout the city. Food for Hope distributes prepackaged fresh produce and non-perishable goods to hundreds of families in Chicago and other neighborhoods through its mobile emergency food distribution program. In addition to providing meals to people, their mission includes establishing a sense of community and hope.

blog photo_RUNSY_ESDC

In collaboration with Chicago artist Runsy, we have designed a t-shirt inspired by “Two pears. Pairs. Not any pears though, organic pears grown in my backyard’s family tree. Pears that I arranged in a still life inspired by all of the Renaissance-style fruit paintings I had grown up seeing in Latino homes,” said Runsy.


Proceeds from the tee will be going towards food distribution for ESDC’s Food for Hope on the Southeast Side of Chicago. A multidisciplinary artist and Chicago-native, Runsy encompasses everything Food for Hope is about through her inspired artwork. Reimagining the nuances between her identity as a Mexican-American while bringing in the creative culture of Chicago proves for a raw, yet powerful message. “A pair meaning unity. A still life meaning simplicity and working with what you already have to make something new,” she continued.


Shop the RSVP Gallery x Runsy t-shirt at our website rsvpgallery.com and in our Chicago store. Check out her Spotify playlist below.