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The YZY QNTM Teal Blue features an upper composed of jacquard that provides a soft, resilient thread with a synthetic suede overlay that offers toe protection and durability. Reflective material on the heel counter emits light in darkness. YZY QNTM elevates the cushioning experience with a re-engineered full-length drop-in Boost midsole that provides optimal comfort where consumers need it most. A semi-translucent clear TPU cage wraps the Boost and adds a distinct design element to the model while the herringbone-patterned rubber outsole offers optimal traction.

Adidas x Beyoncé Superstar Friends & Family (White/White) Raffle



Adidas x Beyoncé Superstar Friends & Family (White/White) Raffle


When the adidas Superstar shoes first debuted on the hardwood in the 70’s, no one could of predicted the impact it would have on our culture. To celebrate 50 years of the iconic silhouette, the powerhouse who has redefined pop culture in her own right lends her elegance and perspective to the rubber shell-toe trainer. Beyoncé’s influence is clear, with a raised platform to add extra height that really makes a statement.

YEEZY 350 V2 ‘Carbon’ Raffle

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YEEZY 350 V2 ‘Carbon’ Raffle


The YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 Carbon features an upper composed of multi-toned re-engineered Primeknit. The post-dyed monofilament side stripe is woven into the upper. This model features no-tie stretch laces for easy on and off wear and comes equipped with a second set of standard laces. The midsole utilizes adidas’ innovative BOOST TM technology.

Q+A with Cristina Martinez



You went to school for fashion design before dropping out to pursue drawing/painting. Talk about your progression with art. How much of a role did it play in your life growing up and when did you start to pursue it (both the fashion design and the “fine art.”) 


My love of fine art started to develop in fashion school when I realized I was spending more time giving my illustrations emotions and soul than I was on designing the actual garment. 


You’re from Tacoma, Washington. The Pacific Northwest has an infamous history and relationship with people of color. Did you notice this growing up? Do you think it’s changed/evolved? Has this affected your art?


At a very young age, I became aware that my family, who are all Black and brown, had to work harder to get our voices heard. This is unfortunately all too familiar for people across the nation who look like me.


cristina_martinez__0002_Your mind is a garden circle-web


Much of your work revolves around the stories of yourself as a woman of color as well as the stories/perspectives of others around you. What specifically draws you to a particular narrative or subject? Are there any other sources for inspiration or reference for you?


I’ve always been drawn to telling the stories of those whose stories often go untold or unheard. I feel an urgency to continue to do this based on my experiences and the experiences of those around me. 


You recently completed a 52-foot mural at the World Trade Center. Tell us a bit about the piece and the inspiration behind it. Does your process differ when working on something of this scale compared to a smaller, personal piece?


I am honored to have a piece at the World Trade Center and one that tells such an important and timely story: The ever-evolving growth and perseverance of Black and brown women. The technical aspect changes when I am doing a piece at this scale but the story and mission always stays the same.  


Your partner, Al-Baseer Holly, is also an artist. What type of environment does this create when you two are together? How would you describe the process when the two of you collaborate?


Our process is a very natural one. It’s nothing we talk or think about too much. When you have two people who have an urgency to create and whose missions are aligned, you end up making art together. We’re looking forward to showing all of the work we’ve done over the past few months at our upcoming art show, titled “Two Sides to Every Story” in Downtown Los Angeles in mid-November. We’re very excited to share more about this project over the next few weeks. 




How would you describe the progression of your art since you began?


I’ve been able to better perfect my storytelling and connect to a wider range of people. When I started my work was naturally centered more around fashion because of how I got my start. As I’ve continued my career, I’ve been able to better focus on the actual storytelling behind each piece. 


Do you have a dedicated space when you’re working? If so, describe that. If not, describe the space where the majority of your work is done. What are your “must-haves” for a productive day? (items, music, etc.)


I have a studio in Seattle where I do most of my work. It’s what you would imagine from an artist – a truly creative space – it’s small, my artwork is everywhere, paint all over the place. Everything I need is here. All I need to do my work is to feel connected to the canvas.  



What does the future look like for you, both short and long term? Any goals/plans in particular?


My goal is to keep making art and continue to tell our stories while the world is listening, and even if they aren’t.




Select pieces from Cristina Martinez are available at RSVP Gallery now at the link below. 






“MAKE fitness fun, CULTIVATE a community of active women, UNITE + EMPOWER women through fitness, FLIP the ingrained negative perceptions that sweat holds, TRAIN future health leaders, FIGHT childhood obesity, and LAUNCH careers for the next generation of health journalists and media professionals,” reads the mission statement of PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT. Founded in September of 2011 by Aeshia Devore Branch, PGS was created to combat the growing epidemic of childhood obesity and lack of fitness education. Since its inception, PGS has expanded programming and accessibility with events and chapters across the country. We spoke with Devore Branch, along with DeVonna Brockman and Paige Crawford to get more information on PGS, what it means to them, and more.






Aeshia DeVore Branch


What is PGS, and what does it mean to you?


PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT is a Black female-owned brand founded in 2011 and headquartered in Atlanta, GA. The wellness company develops events, content, and products that make fitness fun, affordable, and accessible to women. We donate a portion of profits to our 501(C)3 nonprofit SWEAT MAKES CENTS to train health leaders and wellness journalists at over 30 college campuses nationwide to end childhood obesity for future generations.


PGS is a Sweat Sisterhood highlighting the beauty in the fitness industry’s diversity while erasing the negative stigma that sweat holds for women. Daily we prove that through sweat, we prosper.


What experience with PGS has inspired you the most?


There are too many to name, but if I had to prioritize one, it would be PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT fest ATLANTA. The annual fitness festival, SWEATlebrity Awards Show, and fundraising effort launched in 2017 with 500+ women gathering to “make fitness fun” and “sweat with a purpose” and has grown to attract 1000+ ticketed guests. Our lineup is worth SWEATing with past honorees, including Laila Ali, Keri Hilson, Rasheeda Frost, Riley Burruss, Elise Neal, and Jeanette Jenkins. The one-day event consists of music, self-care, sisterhood, style, fitness, food, and fun, benefiting select nonprofit organizations.


What is one inspirational quote or message that has been helping you during the last few months?


This quote has been riding with me for a decade: “Success is often a marathon. It’s not how you start; it’s how you finish.”
Whenever I question why results aren’t happening as fast as I would like or when an obstacle gets in my way, I turn to these words. This quote reminds me that great things take time. I need to keep moving forward. Getting 1% better every day counts for a lot in the long-run.


What advice do you have to anyone who is struggling to achieve their goals or dreams?


Do not fear failure, but please fear regret. Giving up is the birth of regret. No matter how many nos you hear, how many doors slam in your face, or how many times you fail, do not take no for an answer. Let failure be the fuel you use to ignite the fire and fight inside of you to succeed.






DeVonna Brockman


What is PGS and what does it mean to you?


PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT is a wellness organization for women that focuses on women empowerment, training college health leaders, removing any stigmas that surround women working out, fighting childhood obesity, and overall making fitness fun! We call ourselves a Sweat Sisterhood, meaning that we are united by and bond over our desire to lead healthy lifestyles. To me, PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT means self-love, sisterhood, and empowerment. All women of different shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and experience levels are able to come together and have fun working towards a common goal. Women are oftentimes thought of as being “too weak”, “too pretty”, or “too girly” to get down, dirty, and sweaty with exercising, and we at PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT are proving those perceptions wrong. In a society that can be so damaging, PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT reminds us of the importance of community, love, self-worth, and that being pretty isn’t about the superficial. Every woman is strong, beautiful, and deserves to live a long, happy, and healthy life; that’s what PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT is all about to me.


What experience with PGS has inspired you the most?


This is my first year with PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT, so I haven’t had many experiences yet, but I would have to say interacting with the other PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT chapters has been a great experience. It’s inspiring to see how we can bond and form a sisterhood even though we’re from different colleges, cities, and states. Everyone is so welcoming and supportive, and I really enjoy our monthly Captain calls that we have because it gives us a chance to connect and get to know each other. I’m so inspired by the diversity within each chapter because it’s important to have black women and women of color in leadership positions, especially in fitness since minorities are more likely to struggle with weight and obesity.


What is one inspirational quote or message that has been helping you during the last few months?


“Strength grows in the moments when you think you can’t go on but you keep going anyway.” In the last few months, I have struggled with sickness, mental health, commitment to goals, and overall stress. I think of this quote to remind me that I have gotten through 100% of my bad days and I am strong enough to do it again.


What advice do you have to anyone who is struggling to achieve their goals or dreams?


If you are having a hard time achieving your goals or reaching your dreams, it may be time to reassess. Don’t change the goal or dream but maybe change your plan of action if it’s not getting you anywhere. Make sure it is something you will be motivated to work towards and are willing to give it time. Remember, it’s okay to cut yourself some slack every now and then and reward yourself. You may feel discouraged, but don’t ever compromise your goals and dreams for your reality. Instead, think of your goal and dream as your future reality; it’s your destiny. Believe in yourself and you will reach your goal; don’t ever downplay your potential.





Paige Crawford


What is PGS?


PGS is a sisterhood that encourages other women, their peers and the next generation to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.


What experience with PGS inspired you the most?


In college, I interned for PGS as a Product Manager. I am forever grateful for this experience because it was one of the first times I was able to really take lead with my creativity and merge the worlds of product, branding and fitness.


What is one inspirational quote or message that has been helping you during the last few months?


There’s a praise and worship song called “Again” by The Group Fire. The message in this song just reminds me that although circumstances may not always be ideal, I still have tons of blessings to be thankful for and to not forget that.


What advice do you have to anyone who is struggling to achieve their goals or dreams?


I am still striving to achieve my goals. I haven’t really reached all of them, yet. However, what helps me work towards these goals is maintaining consistency in all projects that I take on. Also making sure everything aligns with my own personal brand, standards and morals.






We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT alongside the release of the Adidas x Beyoncé Superstar sneaker. Enter the raffle here for a chance to win a free pair and shop the RSVP x PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT collaborative t-shirt at the link below. Proceeds will be donated to SWEAT MAKES CENTS. Learn more about PGS here. 


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