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DRKSHDW Spring/Summer ’16

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Rick Owens grew up in a dusty town in California, where he watched nuns from the local convent drag their robes in the dirt. Since beginning his namesake label in 1994, Rick Owens has taken the inspiration to create his flowing avant-garde fatigues and forged an iconic empire. He has leaped into the stratosphere of the elite and has cemented his place with numerous accolades, including a recent invitation to a state dinner at the White House.


The legend lives and breathes his modus operandi; self-sufficient and rigid. He dropped out of art school to pursue his own interests, designs his own clothes, and creates his own furnishings with his wife, Michele Lamy. Owens does his label’s design work himself, rather than relying on an atelier full of designers, and his showroom and offices are filled with employees draped in Rick Owens, like disciples to the unfaltering king.


For 22 years, he has driven his brand forward with jaunting runway showings and consistent quality. Owens returned with his Spring/Summer ‘16 runway offering, gaining notoriety for the women’s show, where models strapped themselves to one another to present the season’s new line. Both collections bore the title Cyclops. Owens cites the mythical creatures formidability and focused vision, which translates into the forceful and aggressive offerings from the new season. The newest compilation stays true to the label’s avant-garde style with relaxed fits, elongated silhouettes, and muted tones found in a fresh grip of tees, knits, bombers, trousers, and footwear.


The season is highlighted by the Cyclops Level patch tee and crewneck, flaunting stitched graphics, straying from his usual offerings, which are oft void of visuals. Gimp hoodies, flight jackets, trousers, and tanks come in the signature array of colors, reminiscent of the dusty beginnings he has pulled inspiration from throughout his career. Owens continues his relationship with Adidas, offering the staple low-top tech runner, as well as a high-top ankle boot rendition. Rick Owens consistency and quality shine through in his newest ready-to-wear collection and further solidify his place on the throne he has built for himself.


The DRKSHDW collection is available online and in-store at RSVP Gallery. Email please@rsvpgallery for more info or call +1(773) 770-6666 for phone orders