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Please Respond: Ant Saunders


Shop the Look: Pants by Off-White



“Did you ask them to play this?”


Ant Saunders’ “Yellow Hearts” is pouring out of Pinz Bowling Center’s speakers on this Los Angeles afternoon, and the singer-songwriter is wondering if I encouraged a staffer to spin his hit single. It’s been played upwards of 330 million times on streaming platforms and its music video has more than 5 million watches. But somehow he still has to ask.


No, I didn’t. “Oh, okay!” he says exhaling, almost relieved. It’s easy to forgive Ant for his skepticism. He’s new to this. Saunders only signed to the Arista Records division of Sony Music last year. And since then “Hearts” has simmered from viral smash to certified gold status to playing-everywhere ubiquity. “It just boggles my mind to see all that ‘Yellow Hearts’ has accomplished,” Saunders says. “The song has changed my life.”



We brought Ant Saunders some of the best pieces from our Los Angeles shop for him to incorporate into his wardrobe. This is FITTED.



Prior to joining the big leagues as a pro musician, Ant’s life was simpler. An Army soldier’s son, Saunders was born in Germany, then moved to Woodbury Heights, New Jersey at age 3, where he pretty much spent his time avoiding attention. “Growing up, I was always the nice, shy, sensitive kid,” he says. “Generally, I was the type to stand in the corner at a party and stick with my other shy friends.”

During his high school days, time alone was spent quietly teaching himself to play guitar, singing into his laptop via USB microphone and self-producing tracks with Audacity software “in hopes that someday it would be noticed.”


ANTSAUNDERS2Shop the Look: Windbreaker by Martine RoseTela Placcata Bicolore Pants by Stone Island



As his senior year crept towards graduation, it seemed that enrolling in college would be a reality before his dream came to fruition. “I didn’t have much time left to have my big break,” he says. “I thought that I had the talent, but I wasn’t sure if my creative abilities were strong enough, or if I was able to reach many people. I was always so doubtful that it would ever happen.”


As if that wasn’t stressful enough, Saunders was also in the midst of a confusing digital love story. A girl that he was crushing on kept signing Snapchat messages to him with yellow heart emojis. Confused by her mixed signals and deliberate choice of hue (Why not red?!), he did what we all do: Googled it. Urban Dictionary told him yellow hearts typically stand for friendship. So he wrote and produced a song about it.



“I turn to music to figure out what I’m trying to say,” he says. “Most of ‘Yellow Hearts’ was just everything that I wanted to say. Like, ’I feel misled. What’s going on?’ I didn’t know how to say that in person.” Saunders whipped up the track’s artwork using Microsoft Paint and released the cut on his graduation day in June through independent digital music service DistroKid. Then when summer passed, he hopped on TikTok to ask his buds to share it. And they responded.


ANTSAUNDERS1Shop the Look: Shirt by Raf SimonsNike Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage 


Two million TikTok videos—ladies playing the role of the “crazy” girl, guys starring as a bewildered Ant, and more—were created. In the following weeks, Saunders was courted by record labels, eventually signing to Arista in November. And now less than a year removed from earning his diploma, Saunders is dropping a major label EP, entitled Bubble.


“You’ll learn about my weird personality,” Ant says of the handful of R&B-tinged pop songs. “How I’m vulnerable. How I have trouble communicating with people. I didn’t tell [the girl who inspired ‘Yellow Hearts’] how I felt and that I was basically talking about our experience until she found out after the song released. That’s how bad it is.”


Soon he’ll have to share his feelings with many more. Multi-platinum songstress Camila Cabello just announced that Saunders will open for her during the North American leg of her Romance Tour this fall.


“It’s just so motivating to see that people really do like my music,” Ant says. “I really hope to keep this momentum going. My goal is to keep touching people with my music.” He spent years fantasizing about the stardom he’s on the cusp of. And now that Saunders is here, there’s no way he’ll let his bubble burst.




Video Executive Produced by BradWeteHe Tells Stories
Video Produced by Sir Fleming
Photos by John Marquez
Story by Brad Wete
Location: Pinz Bowling Center


Listen to Ant Saunders’ Bubble
Special Thanks to Arista Records and Sony Music

LIFE: Stone Island F/W ’16

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Recent collaborations with Supreme and NikeLab, along with cosigns from artists and musicians have brought Stone Island to the forefront. Despite the label’s recent success and step into the scope of popular culture, Stone Island has been quietly crafting for 34 years and counting. Massimo Osti’s innovative sportswear brand has been perfecting every aspect of its garments, whether it be through fabrics, fibers, or the dye used to give the clothes their discernible appearance.


The brand stands upon two pillars: LAB and LIFE. According to their philosophy, LAB is the endless examination and exploration into the metamorphosis and enrichment of fibers and fabrics. This dedication to constant advancement has led the brand to the forefront of new production and dying techniques that have been previously unutilized in the clothing industry.


LIFE. “The lived experience, the identity, the perceived status of anyone who wears Stone Island.” Stone Island has deep roots in subculture, and the aesthetic emulates that of military uniforms and workwear. Each garment is a testament to their modus operandi, providing the utmost functionality to the wearer, without sacrificing the labels refined style.


Check out the photos above and the video above, as our team attempts to emulate LIFE, one of Stone Island’s “two souls.” The collection is available in store and online at RSVP Gallery. For questions or to place an order, email please@rsvpgallery.com or cal (773) 770-6666.

Stone Island Lookbook

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  • _E6A0930_1-2
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Throughout its rich history, a focus on garment material and an interest in fabric processing have always been at the heart of Stone Island’s design process. This season is no different. Combining the traditional with the technical, Stone Island continues to revolutionize the field of high-performance streetwear.

Do not think of Spring/Summer’s lightweight pieces as being in any way lesser than the cold-weather designs Stone Island has become so renowned for since its inception. Despite being created for the milder weather, the pieces themselves are the consequences of the same arduous design process and craftsmanship characteristic of the label. Embodying all things Stone Island, the lightweight pieces continue the story in a way that remains refreshing. This season’s grey overshirt is once again a synthesis of what the label does best: both utilitarian and stylish, the piece joins a traditional silhouette with a technical lightweight shell guaranteed to repel the elements. Of course, in alignment with the past, the brand’s trademark military undertone remains pervasive throughout this collection. Adorned with the legendary Stone Island patch, the pieces, as always, feel like infantry uniforms. But after so many seasons of churning out well-designed field-tested quality elements, we already know that they are so much more than pieces picked out of an army surplus store.

Stone Island SS16 is now available at RSVP Gallery.

Stone Island “Reflective Research ‘992 — /015′” Exhibit

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Stone Island set up an exhibition in New York for the first time this month. The Soho location on Greene Street functions as a temporary museum, showroom, and flagship location.

Shoppers can head to the back of the exhibit to find a special retail presentation of the Fall 2015 collection, but the first thing you see when you walk in is the “Reflective Research ‘992 — /015′” exhibit. This impressive display follows the progression and innovation Stone Island has made over the years experimenting with reflective material, quality jackets, colored reflective, and more. The mix of samples and archive pieces are sure to attract the dedicated outerwear enthusiast.

Stone Island will open its first permanent New York flagship retail store in early 2016.

RSVP Gallery for Stone Island Autumn/Winter ’15

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From the elusive Supreme collaboration that sold out in less than 30 minutes to Drake’s frequent donning of the compass emblem, it’s safe to say Stone Island is on everyone’s radar. But Stone Island is not to be confused as street fashion’s latest wave; instead the label is an Italian heritage brand with a cult following that spans generations and countries. Since it’s 1982 founding in Ravarino, Stone Island has used innovation as the founding philosophy, reinventing the concept of casual wear along the way.

In the mid-seventies, Massimo Osti—Stone Island’s founder, art director of the time, and intellectual in his own right—researched thousands of uniforms and pieces of workwear, cataloguing the clothing’s respective functionality characteristics. It was this drive for experimentation and advancement that marked Stone Island’s humble beginnings. Even before the brand had a name, Osti was researching a special material, a thick truck tarpaulin, whose unique feature was that it was resin-treated in red on one side and blue on the other. The prototype was considered too stiff and Osti decided to try to break down the fabric’s structure in water via pumice stones. The result was a surprisingly aesthetically pleasing worn in look, that gave way to a collection of seven jackets cut from the fabric to be named Tela Stella. It was then that Osti decided his project needed a name and for reasons unknown he decided to go with the most commonly occurring words in Joseph Conrad novels.

The two words, obviously being Stone and Island, perfectly conveyed the marine and military feel that made up the DNA of the brand from the first collection on. For our very first Stone Island editorial, we tested the brand’s claim for functionality and style in the harsh weather conditions lakeside in our beloved Windy City. The verdict? Affirmative.