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Artist Series : Alan Zhang

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For the first installment of The Artist Series, born and bred Chicago illustrator Alan Zhang gives us a peek into his sketchbook. Page after page, the book is filled with highly detailed scenes from Zhang’s creative mind. Zhang has a background in product design and has freelanced for esteemed streetwear labels in Chicago. When he’s not head deep in his sketchbook bringing characters to life, Zhang can be found at Hebru Brantley’s Hebru Brand Studios where he works as art director and head of graphics. Scroll through for select pages from Zhang’s sketchbook, including a special piece for RSVP.

Artwork by Alan Zhang
Photos by Anthony Trevino

The Artist Series is a new Neon & Nonsense series spotlighting creatives and their artwork from across the globe. For a potential showcase e-mail blog@rsvpgallery.com