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Charity Spotlight: Rebuild Foundation


Founded and led by Chicago-artist and philanthropist Theaster Gates, the Rebuild Foundation is a series of programs designed to progress underserved communities by developing affordable housing, free arts-programming and more. 

Current projects include:


Dorchester Industries, where local contractors, master craftsmen and artists provide free, hands-on training in the building trades to local residents as they work to renovate and reimagine vacant properties in their community. 




The Stony Island Arts Bank serves as a library, community center, art gallery and program archive. Collections on display here include Frankie Knuckles’ vinyl collection, books and periodicals donated by the Johnson Publishing Company, publisher of Ebony and Jet magazine, over 60,000 slides of art and architectural history from the Paleolithic to Modern eras, 4,000 objects of “negrobilia” – mass cultural objects and artifacts that feature stereotypical images of black people and more. 




The Dorchester Art + Housing Collaborative (DA+HC) is a rehabilitated public housing project, a block of 32 townhomes that provides housing for artists and community members with the intent of fostering dialogue and collaboration between both groups. The DA+HC is mixed income housing and features an even distribution of artist, public, affordable rate, and market rate housing.




Proceeds from the sale of the Infinite Archives “END RACISM” tee will be donated to the Rebuild Foundation. We encourage you to learn more about the foundation and its programs here.