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Tim Coppens FW ’16

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Tim Coppens name is becoming increasingly unavoidable by the day. He just unveiled his first collection as creative director for Under Armour’s new UAS line. Coppens is synonymous with blending skilled craftsmanship and expert tailoring with keen athletic references. In each of his collections, you can see a motif of modern cuts, clean lines, and skillful blending of colors. His previous stints designing for activewear brands such as Ralph Lauren RLX and Adidas high-end line have honed his prowess for clothes with utilitarian sophistication.


To add to the notoriety he has gained from his work with other brands, Coppens has is highly decorated. In the past four years alone, he has received numerous awards, including the Ecoo Domani Award for “Best New Menswear Designer,” the Fashion Group International “Rising Star of the Year” Award, and the CFDA Swarovski Award for Menswear, as well as a finalist for the LVMH Prize. In 2016, he has nominations for the CFDA “Menswear Designer of the Year” and the ANDAM Fashion Award.


In his latest season, he utilizes relaxed fitting pants, sweatshirts, and jackets, with modern cuts, to create a refined aesthetic. Mixed media and the use of silk-stitched graphics highlight the season, as Coppens continues to push his personal brand to new limits. Browse the gallery above for a full look at the newest season. Tim Coppens is available in store and online at RSVP Gallery. For more information or to place an order, email please@rsvpgallery.com or call (773) 770-6666.

Feature: Summer Jackets

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This post might be finding you in the dog days of summer, but bear with me: Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that you should forget about jackets. I’m talking layers my guy, like an onion. The first step, ditch the wool and heavy fabrics from winter and exchange them for lightweight fabrics with breathability, like cotton and nylon. Also, keep an eye out for technical fabrics that are water-resistant and ready for summer storms to strike. For days when rain isn’t in the forecast, it never hurts to have a jacket handy for notoriously cool summer nights. We put together an assortment of our favorite jackets, ready for the summer and whatever it has in store.


Fear of God Fourth Collection Bombers: Lightweight bomber jackets with tons of versatility. It can be worn a variety of ways and features added volume in the chest and arms for better breathability and an oversized look. The silk lining gives the jacket the ultra-luxurious feel we’ve come to expect from Jerry Lorenzo.


Christopher Kane Reflective Bomber: This one is the perfect statement piece, ready for any day, no matter the weather. Ultra-lightweight technical water-resistant shell and a flash finish that is guaranteed to turn heads.


Raf Simons Hooded Parka: Raf parkas are some of the most coveted items in any rendition. This one features a light cotton twill with single-layer construction and is a perfect piece to throw on. Go ahead, nonchalantly rock the Raf.


Tim Coppens Mushroom Bomber: Coppens is relatively new to the scene, but he began his career designing activewear, so he knows about functionality and breathability. This bomber is no exception and it dons a dope Murakami-esque graphic on the back.


These jackets and more are available in store and online at RSVP Gallery. For more information or to place an order email please@rsvpgallery.com or cal (773) 770-6666.

Tim Coppens Spring/Summer ’16

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This season at RSVP Gallery, we are proud to present another pupil from the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp: Tim Coppens. Indubitably affected by his tenure at Ralph Lauren and Adidas, the Belgian-born New York-based Coppens has established his name in the menswear market with a signature sporty style that tip-toes on the boundary between the luxe and the reserved.


Perhaps channeling his Belgian roots, Coppens proceeds to elevate performancewear basics beyond their expected threshold. Indeed, Tim isn’t the only alumnus of the Royal Academy to grow up in a small Belgian village with little to no access to fashion before his time in Antwerp; thus, one shouldn’t easily overlook the Academy’s influence on Coppens’ designs. Comparable to most of his peers from the era, the voice of fellow Belgian and legendary designer Martin Margiela lingers on in Tim’s works: Margiela’s techniques of deconstruction and reinvention are just some of the weapons procured by Coppens for his creative arsenal. In a market where so many designers rely on careless peacocking to even make a sound, Coppens yields instead for well-executed silence. Whether it is a juxtaposition of plaid carefully assembled atop a plain tee, or the subtraction of fabric in exchange for the addition of a nylon pocket, nothing Coppens does ever seems to be loud. As a result, his clothes are never noisy.


The Tim Coppens collection is now available at RSVP Gallery.